Kind Words: Doula

Noeau was an amazing doula before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. During my pregnancy I was not confident with my prenatal supervision by my doctors, but once I solicited Noeau’s help, she was able to ease my anxieties. She supported me through weekly check-ins, medicinal remedies, dietary recommendations, and prenatal massage.  Upon request, she aided me in natural induction techniques that were very effective.  We had previously agreed that she would not do anything during labor unless I, or my husband, requested it, and that she would support me and husband but not interfere with our connection during this experience. I really appreciated this arrangement and could not have been more grateful for her presence. She advocated for me to the hospital staff, used massage to help alleviate my back labor, and couched me to use vocalizations during contractions to help me cope with the pain naturally.  More than anything, she was a calm warm energy that made me feel safe and helped me realize my goal of an all-natural birth experience. After my daughter was born, she visited me in my home and prepared a healing poultice for my wounds, postpartum soup and tea, gave me a postpartum massage that was amazing, and held my baby so that I could nap. She also cleaned my kitchen floor. I have eternal gratitude for her healing help and I consider myself blessed to have been one of her clients.”  -- Madeline and Aaron Naumann


Kind Words: Nutritional Therapy

"I cannot recommend her more highly...I’m just sorry that she will continue to be on the mainland for a while, and not in Hawaii where I am able to be a recipient of her gifts and grace.  She is spectacular and sensational in so many ways...truly someone who navigates from her heart. Sincerely...(and with envy!), Christina Stephens, San Francisco, CA

“Pamela Noeau Day has incredible insight and understanding of the complicated systems of the human body.  She not only gave me a comprehensive nutritional program, but she gave me all the information I needed to feel confident about the choices she suggested.  She answered all my questions and helped me have the support I needed to make the necessary changes in my life and diet. I am very grateful, as she has made an important difference in my life.” - Diana J Bonnici, MFT

“I was ready to change  the way I was eating when Noeau came into my life.  Her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge about healthy living have been just what I needed.  Noeau has honored my own learning timeframe.  She's provided a lot of support and encouragement along the way, and she's just an email or phone call away. I am grateful for the changes I've been able to make with Noeau's help.  Buying and preparing food has become a more intuitive and creative process.  It's wonderful to have a meal plan where you don't have to count calories or worry about portion control.  I have a delicious feeling of satisfaction when I eat.  Eating this way is an adventure!"   --Rachel  


Kind Words: Lomi Lomi Massage

"Noeau is so much more than a masseuse....she is truly a healer, not only having been trained for years in the ancient arts of Hawaiian healing, but also by her natural intuition and insights and senses.  Every massage for each person is different, focused on the needs of one’s body at that very moment.  She just ‘knows’ what is needed, and is always spot on!  She looks at massage as so much more than just a is much more a relationship and a true desire to help or heal or amend or release whatever might be needed in an individual.  She often gets ‘lost’ in the session until she feels that a balance or healing has occurred."

"I actually don’t know where to begin with my praises for Noeau Pamela Day and her incredible gift of healing massage.  I have probably averaged 2 to 4 massages per month for the past 40 years, with hundreds of different massage therapists, and Noeau truly stands out as one of the 2 or 3 VERY BEST EVER!  She has also given massages to many members of my family while in Hawaii, and each of them exclaim her gifts."

"I started experiencing massage over three decades ago and so I'm very particular. I would highly recommend Pamela. She has a beautiful serene and nurturing energy. Those qualities accompanied by her awareness and knowledge of body made each of our treatments perfectly individual and healing. Thank you for the recommendation and to Pamela for her magic."

“We all had 1.5 hour long massage treatments but I'd rather refer to it as pure indulgence and serenity. She was absolutely amazing and I told her that she was just "magic".

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pamela Day both in bodywork and in nutritional counseling through her La'au Lapa'au practice. I found Ms. Day to be highly-skilled in full-body deep tissue work and she assisted me in a detoxification and weight loss program according to the ancient Polynesian protocols of medicinal plant-based healing. I would highly recommend Ms. Day for either of these two healing arts and would be happy to expound upon this recommendation if requested.”

“Because I suffer from fibromyalgia and am in constant pain, a co-worker recommended that I try getting a massage from Noeau. I loved that Noeau came to my home to give me massages, which I truly miss. What impressed me were her strong hands and her ability to pinpoint exactly where to massage to alleviate my pain. During the massages, I was so relaxed that I would wake myself snoring! After the massages, I felt as though I was floating. I miss the massages and, most of all, I miss the beautiful, loving and caring person who took such good care of me. I hope one day that she will return to Kapaau, Hawaii because I truly miss Noeau.” -Cassandra Chinen