Nutrition is the Key to Your Health


Why Nutritional Therapy?

Nutrition is key. It’s the foundation. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. It’s the ultimate foundation for good health.

Information (and especially misinformation) on health and nutrition is abundant and most often misleading. All one has to do is to observe the health of the American people and realize that the prevalent nutritional dogma is incorrect. Are you ready for the truth?

Are you also ready for change and transformation in your life? Do you desire a partner and mentor for this journey? I'm here to help.  Read truth based information on Principles of Healthy Diets.

Your Healing Experience

I empower each person with education and research combining the best of science and the "wise and nurturing traditions of our ancestors." A comprehensive, individualized nutrition program will be created utilizing nutrient-dense foods, holistic therapies and wholefood supplements. My passion is your health on every level!

Based in Meridian, ID.

Outside the Idaho area? Long distance Nutritional Therapy is effective and easy.  We will use the phone, Skype and email to address your health issues. 


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Pamela Noeau Day has incredible insight and understanding of the complicated systems of the human body. She not only gave me a comprehensive nutritional program, but she gave me all the information I needed to feel confident about the choices she suggested.
— Diana J Bonnici, MFT