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Meet Noeau


Meet Noeau

Mission Statement

To  diligently seek and integrate traditional and indigenous knowledge with the best that science has to offer; striving to use this combined wisdom in a manner that honors the contributions of both - To act as a guide in reawakening the core essence of the birthright of all people on earth – vibrant health on all levels.


As Papa Auwae's moo (child), moopuna (grandchild) and Ohana (family), I was taught that all people must request help. When a person asks for help, that person is ready and not before. Papa says, "NEVER volunteer. Wait to be asked and walk with Akua." Papa's words were also, "Go out and be pono. Be helpers.  What you have, share."

I am waiting for your request. When asked, I commit to share what I have and what I have been given. I commit to educate, listen and assist with my whole body, spirit and soul. Ke Akua Pu Me Oe

Noeau's Story

Pamela Noeau Day grows, harvests and prepares according to ancient traditional methods and protocol, Hawaiian La'au (medicine) and other herbs. She is passionate about studying indigenous medicines wherever her travels take her. 

In 1992, she sailed traditionally on a 22-foot, 4 person, single hull, Hawaiian outrigger sailing canoe from the island of Maui to Kauai with overnight stops on the islands of Molokini, Kaho`olawe, Lanai, Molokai, and Oahu during this seven day journey.  Pamela is an avid hiker and backpacker and has walked, climbed, swam and crawled into some of the most remote valleys on the Hawaiian Islands.  She continues her studies in holistic medicine, La'au Lapa'au (Hawaiian Medicine and Spirituality) and nutrition. She has traveled to Thailand, Morocco, and extensively throughout Canada and Alaska, wildcrafting and studying indigenous foods and medicines. 

Noeau is humbly grateful to be the apprentice of the late Po`okela Papa Henry Auwae and Practitioner of the ancient indigenous Hawaiian healing modality of La'au Lapa'au. With almost 20 years of concentrated study and practice of Hawaiian herbal medicine, spirituality and mastery of all levels of Kahuna La'au Lapa'au, Noeau can guide you to healing levels never dreamed possible. Read more about La'au Lapa'au here. 



Noeau is truly a healer, not only having been trained for years in the ancient arts of Hawaiian healing, but also by her natural intuition and insights and senses.
— Cristina Stephans