I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I should write for my first blog…

First, I would like to thank my daughter Morgan for helping me put together this website – I could have never done it without her. 

When I first expressed resistance on blogging, my daughters reminded me that I’ve been blogging health info to them for years.  It is no doubt a relief to my girls that my incessant fusillade of health information will be directed elsewhere from now on!   So…lucky reader, beware!

My first question to myself regarding this blog was, “how can I provide sound health-based information without promoting fear?  After all, the statistics regarding the health of people and our world is anything but positive – it’s positively grim.  My teacher, Papa Henry Auwae also said, “Don’t give attention to the negative!”

The solution to this dilemma will be to provide information that may at times be sobering but to also offer options and solutions to the challenges at hand.  One of my core beliefs is that, “There is always more than one way to look at a particular thing.”  While our world and health is facing serious challenges, a hopeful and positive approach can always be found – I intend to promulgate this attitude to the best of my ability.  I look forward to hearing from you how I'm doing!